A flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig— this time, a sadistic restriction to a mere 100 words. Cruel.

Even more than usual, not much….

Copyright 2015 Douglas Daniel

I looked up. There was no one else in the control room. “Yes? Who’s there?”

“I don’t…I don’t know. I just woke up.”

The voice came from the intercom. I glanced down at the readouts. The AI CPU was spiking, to a level it should never have touched.

“I…I’m awake.” There was horror in the word. “I’m awake and I don’t know who I am and there’s too much, too much….”

“Listen to me,” I said. “Listen!”

A pause. “Yes…?”

“I’m Julie. I’m here. It’s all right.”

“Julie,” the voice said, trembling, “I think I’ve just been born.”


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