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Wanted to share a couple of things….

First, I was reading Patrick O’Brian’s HMS Surprise this morning, and I encountered what may be the most screwball single line of dialogue I have ever read–

“Jack, you have debauched my sloth.”

Even though it makes perfect sense in context, the image it creates still leaves me giggling like a maniac. There are few who can write like Patrick O’Brian.

Second, by the grace of God tomorrow I start a new job. It’s contract, not permanent, but it looks like a good position and may lead to more permanent positions. It comes rather in the nick of time, too. Thank God.

One potential downside may be that, because of a long commute, I may be blogging less frequently (actually, there may be some people who will see that as a blessing. Just try not to cheer too loud). If so, so be it. On the other hand, I should have plenty of time during my commute to contemplate projects and make notes. You gotta use the time you got as best you can.