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Flash Fiction Challenge- 100 Words- Scavenger

Really, I wonder if I’m getting a little obsessive with the flash-fiction challenges. Here’s one I haven’t tried before, 100 words (eek!) incorporating the word “feasting”. Doing anything in less than 2000 words makes me dizzy and strains my skills to the breaking point, but here’s my attempt. I’ll just go lie down now….

Copyright 2015 Douglas Daniel

Ryan dashed across the debris-strewn street. Machine-gun fire echoed among the shattered buildings, but far away.

He circled the burnt-out tank, hurried down the steps to the basement door. He knocked; the door opened. He went inside.

Magda lowered the pistol she held. “You were gone so long,” she said. Behind her, in a corner, Lara huddled with the nameless boy, who never spoke.

“It was worth it,” Ryan said. “There will be feasting tonight.”

He showed them what he had found— three loaves of stale bread, a block of moldy cheese, and three shriveled apples.

Magda burst into tears.


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