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Fourth draft, Princess of Fire, and the virtues of unemployment

Princess of Shadows is now in the hands of my beta readers. Even though my readers are well known to me, it’s always nerve-wracking to hand off your writing to others whose whole purpose is to look it over with a critical eye. I specifically told my readers to be merciless, but I hope it won’t be necessary….

Meanwhile, I added 1000 words to Princess of Fire last night without even hardly trying. I’ve got a number of scenes already practically written in my head, so this story may go pretty quick until I run out of pre-written (is that even a word?) material. I do know, however, that there is a certain amount of research I need to do on some topics before I get too far into the draft.

Ironically, I’ve been so wrapped up in getting to the fourth draft on Princess of Shadows that I haven’t even had time to call out my new status in the working world–

It has been official for the last couple of days– my IT contract has ended and I am at loose-ends. Resumes are going out, but nothing is biting yet. Properly, this is a moment in which I could make some serious progress on Princess of Fire, do research, or prepare other future projects. Instead, I seem to be playing Halo and eating a lot of dark chocolate (Weight Watchers? What Weight Watchers?).

Anyway, until I get gainful employment I am going to try to devote more time to Fire and getting ready to publish Shadows. Except my wife is talking about yard-work, now that we have a break in the recent rain-storms.

I got to get out of here….