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End of the Year Surge – Day Six

Well, I predicted that Christmas Day would constitute a dead zone in my surge, and I was right– I got nothing done that day except over-eating. But more than that, for the three day period of the 24th, 25th and 26th, I wrote only 2700 words, a little more than my estimated daily average of 700 words, with a total so far of 6200, a little more than half of where I should have been (10,000) if I had stuck to my 2000 words a day goal.

Sigh– the moral here may be that you should never start a special writing project just before the holidays. I may have also picked a goal a few hundred words too far for my personal abilities. I find that after about 1200 to 1300 words in a single day my writing mojo definitely starts to sputter.

Although it’s now fairly certain I won’t reach 20,000 words by midnight Wednesday, I am not ready to call this experiment a failure. Instead, like any good scientist, I will change the parameters of the experiment. Instead of a calendar deadline, I will try to maintain an increased word production until I reach 130,000 words, and then see where that puts me in the narrative. Hopefully, maybe, from that height I will be able to see the Promised Land, aka, a complete first draft.

We shall see.