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Sunday Photo Fiction- The devouring of the moon, as observed from Yggdrasil

Sunday Photo Fiction: February 23rd 2014


The sun is gone
and the moon going
the sons of the Wolf
eat their fill.
Three winters have we endured
and now the giants,
swollen with rage,
arm for battle
in darkness and in flame.
The gods go forth,
shining, to their doom.
The Wolf breaks loose
the world shakes,
mountains fall, the sky
tears apart
the stars fail
that which was will be no more

But we two–
we small, forgotten two
life and life’s lover
hidden here
in the Tree–
we drink the morning dew
awaiting the passing away
of what was.
The fate of gods
is not our business.
we live, that is our task.
To endure the fire
and the water
until the eagle soars once more
above the falls,
above the mountain,
and all that was
is again.