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Well, not really.

All I really wanted to do is to call attention to a change in the way I blog.

For the last three or four years I have blogged when I’ve felt like it. I started this blog as a stimulus to my own writing efforts; over time it evolved into, not just a place to talk about my progress on my current work-in-progress, but also a space in which to vent, to bloviate, to express my opinions on books or movies, and, perhaps most importantly, to experiment with fiction, short and long. I’ve written more short fiction, flash and otherwise, on this blog than I’ve ever done anywhere before. I wrote 60,000 words of a fantasy novel for which, unfortunately, I could not in the end find a resolution, and which has joined my (many) other trunk novels on the Great Backup Disk of Oblivion. I’ve actually committed written poetry.

But it has all been more-or-less random, with me being my typically undisciplined self. That’s the part I’ve decided to change. I am introducing a schedule for this blog.

There are three weekly flash fiction challenges I’ve followed in the past– Sunday Photo Fiction, Mondays Finish the Story, and Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge, which typically appears on Fridays. Not every one of these challenges sparks my interest every week (this week’s from Chuck is a horror mash-up. Sorry, don’t do horror, nope, uh-uh, call me Mr. Wussy, I don’t care), but between the three of them I should probably be able to figure out something short fiction-wise to post weekly on Monday. If not, I can post a story fragment, similar to The Golem or one of my abandoned story pieces, such as Northern Lights.

Each Wednesday or thereabouts I intend to post a short update on my WIP, which at this time is Princess of Stars (note– I passed 5000 words today. Probably about 1/30th of the final total. Maybe. The road stretches away, toward the far-distant hills….).

On Fridays I want to start posting a weekly review of a movie or a book, similar to my review of Station Eleven, or Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of these may be new books and first-run movies, but many will be classic works that have influenced me one way or the other. Since I did a review of The Curse of Chalion yesterday, I’m giving myself a pass for this week.

On this framework I will also tack occasional additional posts about other topics, incidental poems or spontaneous rants. However, there is one topic I intend to avoid– politics. Despite the fact that here in the US we are schlupping our way into the presidential election, despite the fact that so much of what is going on is eminently worthy of satire, and despite the fact that I have opinions (oh, brother, do I have opinions) about so many of the candidates, and the state of our union at this particular moment, I don’t want to devote much time in this blog to discussing the election. I’ve tried to keep this space dedicated to writing and books and movies, and I don’t want to stray too far from that focus. I may set up a Tumblr account devoted to politics, but I also don’t want to take too much time and energy away from my fiction writing. Politics in this country at the moment is a bottomless pit, and I’m not sure my two cents would do anything to illuminate the darkness (yah, a triple mixed metaphor! High-five to myself).

Lastly, I am contemplating trying to serialize more long fiction, but my previous attempts have been mixed at best. And again, I don’t want to take energy away from Princess of Stars. It’s just that I have a lot of ideas, and bits and pieces of different stories written down, and I would like some of these stories to see the light of day, one way or the other. We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, changes are coming, hopefully positive. Bear with me.

Somebody throw something at me….

It turns out that, days and days ago, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Then it took me days to figure out how the whole thing works. The mystery was only cleared up when the original nominator spelled it out for me, whereupon it turned out that it is extremely easy (I have a talent for turning easy into difficult). So, in gratitude and in the interests of paying it forward, here are my acknowledgements, fifteen blogs I follow and little tidbits about myself.

Thank you to Julie Christine Johnson, who nominated me–

Chalk the Sun

Fifteen excellent blogs I follow, which make me laugh or think–

Blame It On Princess Leia
Jodie Llewellyn
Pastor Green Bean blog
Nerd Redefined
Nina Kaytel
Strip-mining Mobius
The Fog of Ward
Whim Notes
Writer’s Block
The Parasite Guy

All of you guys, consider yourselves nominated for the VBA in turn (boy, that was economical, wasn’t it?).

Seven things about me you don’t know, and, now that you do, I would appreciate you keeping under your collective hats–

1. I love hummingbirds.
2. I was skinny once. I think Jimmy Carter was president.
3. I hold two degrees in Anthropology, which are generally useless for making a living, but which do sound impressive.
4. I don’t like horror films.
5. One of my all-time favorite movies is Aliens.
6. One night in 1988 I was nearly killed by a woman in a Mercedes who didn’t see the light on my bike because I didn’t have one.
7. Almost anything by Dr. Seuss freaks me out. Seriously, the guy was weird.

Thanks again to Julie. Since I started blogging, I’ve come to appreciate that WordPress hosts a pretty impressive community. It’s been a great pleasure getting to know it.