Sunday Photo Fiction – November 1st 2015- Courage

A response to the Sunday Photo Fiction – November 1st 2015 flash fiction challenge, 200 words on this image–


As usual, this seems like a beginning rather than a complete story, which I’m afraid merely illustrates my limitations as a short fiction writer. My apologies.

Copyright 2015 Douglas Daniel
I had no spit.

“John, wait,” Chan said.

“Mahmoud and Jess are down there.” Jess. My hands shook as I hooked on the harness.

The shaft mouth gaped before me. Its depths were lost in darkness. Warm air rose out it.

“You saw what was left of Wirtz,” Chan said. “And Hawkwood, it’s like his brains have been imploded. You don’t know what’s down there.”

“Jess and Mahmoud, that’s what.” My fingers trembled on the last clamp. “I’m not leaving them.”

“John, this thing opened up overnight! If they had listened to me none of them would have gotten in trouble.”

“Well, you can listen to me now.” I pulled my Glock from its holster. “Lower me down, or I will blow your brains out.”

Chan looked furious. “All right.” He stepped to the winch. “There’s a ledge three hundred meters down. I’ll get you to that. From there you’re on your own.”

“Okay.” I holstered the pistol. I stepped to the edge and looked down. I could barely keep my knees from buckling. I clambered over the edge, let the cable take my weight. “Lower away.”

Chan started the winch. I went down into the mouth of hell.


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