Mondays Finish the Story – The last chopper

Another Finish the Story challenge, using this initial sentence–

“Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air.”

and this image–

Copyright 2015 Barbara W. Beacham
Copyright 2015 Barbara W. Beacham

Silently, as the people watched, the Blackhawk helicopter lifted into the air.

“That’s it, then,” Drake said.

“Yeah.” Patrick’s mouth was dry. He had drunk all the water in his canteen hours before.

“At least we got the kids out,” Ahmed said.

“But they’ll be coming back for us? Right?” Sims said.

Patrick shook his head. “They’ll never make it back in time.”

Sims began to cry, like a child.

Patrick paid him no attention. He looked around the position, at the soldiers and the civilians pressed into fighting. He saw resignation, anger, sadness, dull weariness.

“We hold here,” he said. “Otherwise they might overrun the launch site.” Just over the horizon, beyond the trees— close, but now infinitely far away.

Maybe we’ll last long enough to see the ship lift off.

“Fix bayonets,” he said.

The sound of bayonets rasping out of scabbards, clicking into place on muzzles. Patrick turned to face the ravening enemy, as they crested the far hill.


16 thoughts on “Mondays Finish the Story – The last chopper”

  1. I enjoyed the reading. Congratulations. It brings to mind the current conflict in the middle east. Particularly around June 2014 when ISIS over ran swatches of Syria and Iraq. Soldiers and civilians alike never had a chance!

  2. Very good, the last of them fighting to ensure the survival of the others.

    In my mind I’ve created a scenario of a dying Earth, where a few are leaving in a rocket while others try to stop the launch so they can go instead.

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