My End of the Year Surge – Day Three

For the first two days of my surge, in which I am attempting to write 2000 words a day on Princess of Fire until midnight on December 31st, my results are somewhat mixed– somewhere north of 1500 words for Monday, and about 1930 for yesterday, for a total of just about 3500. A shaky start, I admit– but perhaps it is not too surprising. My normal daily output typically falls somewhere between 500 and 1000 words, with about 700 a day an approximate average. Pushing myself to three times that output, even for a short period, doesn’t come naturally.

It also occurs to me that not every day in the next eight may be equally propitious for writing. Tomorrow, in particular, may turn out to be a serious dead-zone– the family has expectations of me, including going with them to see Into the Woods. I will not be afforded the opportunity to sequester myself in writerly seclusion…oh, no….

Hopefully I will get a deal more done today, and on the other side of Christmas, the weekend looms, promising to afford me plenty of opportunities to catch up on my total. So long as I can stay away from World of Tanks….

More bulletins to follow.


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