I’ve got an idea….

After playing hooky from Princess of Fire for a few days, I’m back on task, and thinking about setting myself a goal. Counting today there are ten days left in the year. It would mean not allowing myself the luxury of video games or movies, and maybe going a little short on that sleep stuff, but what if I were to set myself the goal of writing 2000 words a day on PoF until midnight on December 31st? Twenty thousand words before the end of the year– it’s a very nice, round number. Very nice.

Now, in all honesty, twenty thousand words will still probably not allow me to close the gap that remains to be covered in the middle of this novel, but it would almost certainly put me within striking distance. It might even make January 2015 the month I get the first draft done. That’s very, very tempting, considering how much I’ve struggled with this novel over the last year.

It will probably also mean putting Horse Tamer and flash-fiction writing challenges on the far back-burner for the duration, as well as suspending work on the couple of short stories I’ve been pondering for traditional publication. But it would be worth it.

Total focus for ten days– I can do this.

I will keep you posted.


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