Flash fiction- Finish the Story

I haven’t done one of these for a while. Here’s a flash-fiction challenge to finish the story, based on this image–

Image copyright 2014, Barbara W. Beacham
Image copyright 2014, Barbara W. Beacham

and this initial sentence–

“In the compound on the hill, lives a man with a dream.”

And we have to do it in 150 words.

And I usually break out in a sweat if I have to do something in under 5000 words. Challenging? Oh, yes….

“In the compound on the hill, lives a man with a dream,” said the shaman.

“His sort of dreams are dangerous. We must kill him,” said the leader.

“He only wants to restore what has been lost!”

“By technology! By building. Deny that his sort have murdered the earth.”

There was no denying it. The red wastes stretched in every direction, the dessicated earth a testimony to the folly of their ancestors. The compound, with its trees and shining glass, was a bright and tiny spot of life within devastation.

The shaman held up his hands. “I plead with you, brethren—do not do this. He strives to give us hope….”

“False hope! The sort of hope that leads back to the fire.” The leader turned to his followers. “We must wipe out this abomination!”

The ragged men lifted flint-tipped spears and clubs, screaming eagerness to kill and burn. They surged up the slope, straight into the fire of the automated machine-guns.


16 thoughts on “Flash fiction- Finish the Story”

  1. Ouch! Great story.
    I love the idea of some sort of a post-apocalyptic Earth where there are “techno-haves” and “techno-haters”. I wonder which side will eventually win out?

    1. That’s the problem with short, short fiction– it usually leaves you wondering what happened next. But who knows– maybe a longer story will come out of it some day.

      Thanks for reading.

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