Now, I’m not really complaining, I appreciate the five stars, really…but, dude, couldn’t you have gone to three or even four complete sentences?

princess of shadows review

Oh, well…. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Terse….”

  1. Well, better than being kicked in the teeth, right? 🙂

    But yeah, that is…not a good review, in my opinion. It tells us that reviewer liked it, sure, but it doesn’t tell readers why THEY would like it. What book was this for, anyway? It sounds like a fantasy/paranormal piece, from this.

    1. This is for Princess of Shadows, which is actually science fiction. The overwhelming opinion on the Kindle author boards is that you shouldn’t comment or reply to reviews, but there was too much frustrated humor in this for me to let it go by.

      It’s rather like the Goodreads rating I got for an earlier piece, two stars, but no review– I wanted to grab the person and beg them to tell me why the piece deserved only two stars– it might help me improve my writing. Silence either way is torment….


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