Flash-fiction challenge– Stars are not safe in heaven….

A little belatedly, I found this flash-fiction challenge from a couple of days ago– my apologies for being late.


“‘Stars are not safe in heaven’,” Isaacs muttered.

“What was that?” Sonderson said.

“Just a line from an old poem. IP in thirty seconds.”

“Understood. On internal power. Guidance online and tracking. Shields on standby.”

“Any sign of Bruin defenses?”

“Negative– the squadron decoyed them.”

“Understood. Twenty seconds.”

The sun grew in the holo. It was red– a K0, Isaacs remembered. Still life-giving.

“Ten seconds.”

“Bogey,” Sonderson said. “Incoming– azimuth twenty, declination thirty-two.”


“Negative– they’re too late.”

“Understood.” Warning alarms sounded. “IP- now. “

“Weapon launched. Running true, shields up– it’s away clean.”

In the holo Isaacs saw the weapon hurtle ahead. He got brief glimpse of the bluish glow of its engines, then nothing.

“Coming around,” Isaacs said. “Standby to jump.”

“Jump engine online.”


The stars disappeared, replaced by the distortions of hyperspace. Isaacs sighed in relief. “Looks like we’ll reach base in time for supper.”

The weapon detonated in the sun. The induced supernova blew outward at a third of the speed of light. The inhabitants of the second planet had only minutes to gather their loved ones to them and offer a prayer before the shockwave obliterated their world, their lives, their dreams, their songs.


6 thoughts on “Flash-fiction challenge– Stars are not safe in heaven….”

  1. Is this just flash fiction or part of a longer piece? I love it! It’s something I could really get my teeth into and it would keep me reading till 2:00AM (or maybe even 3:00AM) 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, it’s just flash fiction– I composed it this morning on the fly. As with most of my short fiction, it does sort of cry out for expansion. As I’ve said before, this is why I chiefly write novels.


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