Flash Fiction– Rescue


Sunday Photo Fiction: February 2nd 2014

Secondary CPU activation.

POST. Checksum valid. OS load.

Review event log.

@0801 nuclear detonation city core. Dispatched to assist rescue attempts.

@0834– Forty-six individuals trapped in structure coordinates 75+alpha/green-five. Conflagration in structure. Imperative— cut escape path through three duraglass walls for individuals.

@0835– second nuclear detonation– high-altitude airburst– EMP– primary CPU destroyed.

Run diagnostic.

Main power failure.
Manipulator arm inoperative.
Cutting mechanism inoperative.

Initiate self-repair.

Conflagration advancing. Five minutes to fatal environmental conditions.

Main power irreparable.

Activating secondary power.

Power restored to manipulator arm.

Manipulator control degraded. Reroute control bus path.

Four minutes to fatal environmental conditions.

Manipulator control now at 62%. Initiate cutting.

Path cut first panel. Advancing to second.

Motive control at 42%.

Initiate cutting second panel.

Three minutes to fatal environmental conditions.

Path cut second panel. Advancing to third.

Motive control at 25%. Imminent motive control failure.

Reroute motive control bus.

Two minutes to fatal environmental conditions.

Motive control now at 40%.

Initiate cutting third panel.

One minute to fatal environmental conditions.

Cutting device failure.

Route all power to motive control.

Warning– warning– imminent collision….

Path cleared third panel.

Individuals evacuated– structure cleared of individuals.

Secondary power at 10%– conflagration in proximity.

Checksum invalid…checksum invalid…checksum invalid…………………………………


17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction– Rescue”

  1. Jamie! I was thinking asimov too.

    Doug, the story is excellent. I know I’ve never seen this type of style. And I know that the little bot is cold and dispassionate but I can’t help but think of Wall-E and him being destroyed.

    Great story and great approach to it.

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