Princess of Fire progress, and the return of the doldrums

Princess of Fire is now at 26,000+. Someone once said that you should write the end of your story first, otherwise you won’t know what the story is about. Taking that advice to heart, I’ve basically written the very end of the novel. It may change at some point, but that’s a problem for the second draft (or the third, or the fourth…).

The accelerated pace continues– I haven’t run out of pre-written material yet, although I am landing at widely separated locations in the story almost every time I return to the manuscript. At some point, of course, I will need to start knitting these pieces together into a single narrative. This is particularly important with Princess of Fire, which in its final form will need a fairly tight timeline for the action, with several major elements playing out in locations distant from each other, but interacting to drive the drama. At least, that’s what I want to happen.

One thing I haven’t figured out that I would like to do is to add a progress bar to my widget area to show a word count for Fire, and maybe one or two other projects. I’m unclear if that’s something only available on premium accounts or not. Any advice on this would be welcome.

Despite the progress I’m making on Fire, though, I find I’m having to work at not surrendering again to the blues. I’m going into my eleventh week of unemployment and nothing’s biting. I didn’t hear back from one place this past week that said they would be making a decision then, so that’s fairly ominous. Meanwhile, the resumes continue to go out.

I’ve made some sales of Princess of Shadows, but nothing spectacular. Not really surprised– I wasn’t planning to quit my day job yet. Once I get a day job, that is.



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