Princess of Fire– the new work in progress

I actually have a real sense of excitement around the thought that I have started consistently working on Princess of Fire as my main project. This story has been building in my head for weeks and weeks. I’m already at 19,000+ words, and I’ve been adding about 1000 words every time I’ve had the chance to sit down and work on it. If I maintained that pace that would mean a 100,000 word draft in about eighty days. That would be somewhere around February 21st. That’s gob-smacking. Realistically, of course, I probably won’t hit that deadline precisely, my pace may well slow, and it’s quite possible I’ll go over 100,000 words with this story. Still, it’s nice to have a goal.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a lot of pre-imagined scenes and dialogue for this novel, but it’s not the only one on my mind at the moment (so many stories, so little room). I’m going to have to work at keeping them all sorted and in their assigned spots in line. I may devote a post in the near-future to one of them, an untitled military novel set on the Jauthur of the Divine Lotus series, but revolving around a major character other than Kathy. This story will reflect an obsession I have with disasters, both the weather/geologic kind and the man-made/military sort. This novel will involve a military disaster. I’m not sure where this obsession comes from, but I seem to be fascinated by how people react when things go badly wrong. But that’s a post for the future.

At the moment, I want to start really cranking out words on Princess of Fire. Since I’m still unemployed, this may be a window of opportunity to make some serious progress, in-between sending out resumes and doing interviews. That’s known as looking on the bright side.



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