On to new adventures….

I approved the CreateSpace proof for Princess of Shadows a little while ago, and it should be available on Amazon within a day or two. Baring any unforeseen problems, this long, long struggle to get this book completed and published is over.

(Relieved breath, slumping shoulders…)

So, on to my next work in progress. I am already 15,000-plus words into Princess of Fire. I can’t resist sharing just a tidbit (copyright me, of course)–

Chapter 1

Sleepless Nights

Kathy woke. She was bathed in sweat, although the room was cool, and she had kicked off her covers. Her night dress clung clammy to her skin.

Fire. No, not fire– it had not been fire in the dream, it had been heat, and pressure– crushing pressure, pressure that had threatened to flatten her like an insignificant insect. Pressure far, far down, constrained, straining…

“Divine One?” Rain said muzzily, from her bed on the opposite side of the room. Security concerns being what they were lately, the Dowager Empress– Kathy’s grandmother– had decreed that Kathy should no longer sleep alone. The young ladies-in-waiting of the court therefore had a rotating duty to sleep-over in Kathy’s apartments, one or two nights a week each. Kathy sometimes wondered how much security one additional noble-born teenage girl could add to the already existing layers of guards, walls and barred gates that were the Enclosure. After nearly a year on Jauthur, though, she had learned not to ask.

At least Rain didn’t snore. Bright Hope snored like a chain-saw. Morning Sunshine talked in her sleep.

“Go back to sleep, Rain,” Kathy said. She sat up in bed and rubbed her face. She tried to sort out the images of the dream, as her cousin turned over. Surely it had been a dream. There was nothing else it could be.

In two nights I added about 3000 words, a pace that, for me, is amazing. I have a lot of pre-imagined scenes and dialogue for this novel, which should be pretty action packed, although not in the shooting-up-the-scenery sense.

At the same time, I am resisting the temptation to try and do more than one project at a time. I sometimes get crazy (well, crazier) like that and try to take too much on at once. It almost always ends badly. No, I am going to stick to one project, not split my ticket, and not water down the soup.

Doodles on the side, though, don’t count. 🙂



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