I think a little postpartum depression is setting in; I spent yesterday somewhat in the doldrums, although I wrote a few hundred words on Princess of Fire and got the formatted file ready for the CreateSpace POD edition of Shadows. I should be approving the proof for CS today. Once that is done, every immediate and necessary task for publishing Shadows will be complete.

Although Princess of Fire seems to be eagerly awaiting being written, I may actually spend some time doodling once again on my epic fantasy. It’s gone by a lot different names, but I may just call it The Horseman for the time being. Who knows, maybe this time it will catch fire.

My doldrums are probably deepened by my continued lack of gainful employment. There are nibbles, but no solid hits. Yet. Soon, I hope.

At some point I plan to go see “Catching Fire”, probably this weekend. Once I do, I will almost certainly be posting a review.

Hmm, I need to stop rambling and get back to work.



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