Princess of Shadows went live on Kindle this afternoon. After 17 months of writing, rewriting, doubting, worrying, re-rewriting, cutting, adding, despairing and praying, the novel is done. There really were times I doubted this monster would ever be finished. I’m more than a little brain-fried– I expected that I would have a big emotional reaction, but instead I seem to be mainly just relieved.

As predicted, Shadows came in large, about 152,000 words. However, I did a little research and found that I am in good company– Emma by Jane Austen, is about 158,000 words. Watership Down, one of my favorite books of all time, is 156,154. Moby Dick is 206,052 words (it is indeed a whale of tale. Sorry). I think that, after the cuts I did make, the narrative moves along okay, though.

There’s still mopping up to do– I will be a few days at least formatting the CreateSpace file and getting it pulled together. And if previous experience is any guide I will need to be ready to provide updates to both the Kindle and CreateSpace files as needed. Having said that, this is the most thoroughly edited and corrected novel I’ve published to-date– I’m just leaving room for my all-too-evident humanity.

But otherwise I have a sense of tremendous relief, as if I’ve been carrying an aircraft carrier around on my shoulders that I’ve finally managed to unload into Elliott Bay. Once my shoulders stop aching, I’ll probably start on Princess of Fire, though there may be an extended period of doodling on other projects, as I engage in a certain amount of exultation in the sense of freedom I feel.

Now, if I can just get a day job….



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