I am down to the last 60-70 pages on the final line-edit for Princess of Shadows. With the proof PDF from CreateSpace, I am not only fixing missing words and awkward phrases, I am resolving inconsistencies in the narrative. At one point, I have Kathy walking on the eastern side of a set of hills; on the next page she’s walking on the western side. Half the time a certain town is named Bear Ravine; the other half it’s named Half Grove. And Kathy has lost her glasses (a dead giveaway that she’s not from Jauthur) in at least three different places in the narrative in different drafts, so all of the attendant narrative for each loss has to be reconciled and straightened out.

This sort of thing is enough to make grown men cry. I know because I have been crying a lot this last month.

But it really appears that, assuming the Lord tarries and the blobmen from Alpha Centauri don’t invade, I will finish this novel and have it ready for Kindle publication before December 1st. The CreateSpace trade paperback will probably take a few more days to be ready, but the finish line is in sight.

I will probably collapse in exhaustion for a day or two, but, as I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve got a lot of other stories clamoring to be written. And new ideas are pressing themselves on me at regular intervals– a post by Whim Notes, suggesting, as an exercise, that writers develop a backstory for a picture, caught my eye–

I took a look at the picture and a whole story concept sprang to mind, combining steam-punk and fantasy elements. Not sure it’ll bear fruit in an actual novel, but it was fun to try to think about something new.

In any case, I will be so very, very happy to get this monkey off my back. Or the boat anchor off my feet.



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