Nope, changed my mind….

Okay, re: what I said in my last post about just bulling through the line edit on Princess of Shadows? Forget it– today I cut another 7,000 words. The dime dropped and I realized that I could cut to the chase on one section, saving about 3000 words, and that there was another section I did not need at all– I could accomplish the same goal with two hundred words versus about 4000. And I think I’ve gained a better understanding of the warning signs that a passage is too big, or surplus to requirements.

The downside is that now the PDF I’ve been using for the read-through is significantly different from my working draft file, so I have had to resubmit my doc file to CreateSpace and I’m waiting for a new PDF. This will add a couple of days to the read-through, but I think it’s worth it. Shadows is still going to be a very large book, in the vicinity of 151,000 words, but the action should now move along at a much better pace.

While I’m waiting, I’ll probably post something on Man of Steel, which I finally got around to seeing. Not a review– more like some thoughts on the fraught nature of super-hero stories.



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