This is what I did today…fun stuff….

Research can be a lot of fun, especially for geeks like me. At the risk of spoiling my own damn book, I’ve decided to share (when I showed this to my wife, she just rolled her eyes)–


I think my math is right– of course, if in the future I find a mistake I could work it into the story….

My research on other topics has already revealed some weaknesses in my original conception for Princess of Fire. Contrary to my usual habits, I’m working on a timeline of core events in the story and I’m integrating the revisions into it as I go.

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about my beta readers for Princess of Shadows. I’m trying not to depress myself all over again….



3 thoughts on “This is what I did today…fun stuff….”

  1. Just commenting on the eye-roll. I get that from my husband all the time. Or his eyes just gloss over when I start talking about my novel. Sigh.

      1. For me I think it’s more my husband doesn’t like to read therefore doesn’t like to talk about anything related to reading and I write young adult romance which is far from any genre he’d be interested in. So….

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