Princess of Fire on fire– a quick dispatch from the front

I have finished inputting the feedback from one of my beta readers on Princess of Shadows, but the other two folks are dragging their feet. Not that I’m eager to publish or anything (well, at least a little). I just want to get this monkey off my back.

My first beta reader did me a tremendous service in one respect– she caught an inconsistency in Kathy’s character growth that should have glared out at me but that somehow I missed. It’s fixed now and I seriously owe my reader chocolate or gold bullion or something.

If I can get the feedback from the other readers soon, it is entirely possible I will be able to publish next month. Thank God.

Meanwhile, so far every time I sit down to write on Princess of Fire I do a thousand words or better. Two nights ago I wrote 1400 words in one session. I wrote 1100 today. For me that’s a blistering pace. I don’t know how long I can maintain it, but it’s a nice change.



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