Good news

I have completed the hard-copy edit of Princess of Shadows. A process I thought was going to take two weeks (ha!) took just over four. I found a great deal that needed cutting, modification and re-thinking, most particularly the penultimate sequence. It’s weak and must, at the very least, be cut severely– it drags in a most horrifying manner, just when the action needs to accelerate toward resolution. I may, in fact, have to change it completely.

But starting tonight the red-pen changes start going in. I’ve cut a fair amount, but I won’t know exactly how much until all edits are in– I suspect this novel will still be very large in the final analysis. I hope that, even on the large side, the narrative will move along.

After missing so many deadlines, I am leery of setting one for getting the changes in, but maybe ten days is not unreasonable. Once that is done, I will format the doc into Kindle standard (I don’t even have chapter breaks at the moment) and then hand it over to my beta-readers. Assuming they don’t dawdle, maybe I can publish by the first of November. Then I can turn to all the other projects clamoring for my attention, like greedy children on Christmas morning (“Me, me!” “No, me next!” “Shut up, dummy, you’re just a novelette!”). You get the picture.



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