Quicky update, ’cause it’s past my bedtime…

I am down to fifteen pages left to edit on the hard-copy of Princess of Shadows. Suddenly daylight is flooding the tunnel and I can smell the roses at the far end (okay, not the most original metaphor, but it’s late…). I’ve made more and more progress each day as I’ve gotten closer to the end– last night I even cut a whopping 800 words in one go. 800 words! Okay, maybe not so epic, but still….

Once these red-pen edits are in, I will have fine-tuning to do (I notice, for instance, that Kathy cries, or is tempted to cry, a lot. Maybe that’s because I would cry a lot if I went through the hell she’d going through. Still, I need to think about it). But sometime early next month I should have the book in the hands of my beta readers, now definitely three and perhaps four in number.

I just hope they don’t take three months to read the novel. I don’t want to rush them, not at all, but I do want to get this puppy out before Christmas. I hear people buy stuff around that time of year.



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