Trying to get back on track.

I’ve been away a few days, partly because of a short vacation to Canada (I may have a rant about how Canadians do Shakespeare in another post, but not tonight). I don’t have a working laptop at the moment, so I couldn’t write or blog or do anything while at my motel. Frustrating.

So now I feel as if I am trying to climb back on the horse of my second draft. I had hoped to finish it in June, but obviously that went glimmering after I restarted the Bleak sequence and then devoted days to re-editing my first two novels. My best hope now is to finish the second draft by the end of July and then devote August and September to hard-copy edits and beta readers. October seems to be my most reasonable publication date at this point, which will be pretty close to a year and a half from when I took up Shadows in a serious way, which is way behind my original schedule.

Well, obviously at this point it would be ideal for me to stop blogging and get back to work, but as often happens after a break or a stoppage I find I have to sort of sneak up sideways on writing on my main WIP. It didn’t help that I had higher internet bandwidth installed at my home today and I spent the day largely distracted by getting everything set up. But at least now my daughter will be able to watch Netflix while I play Halo.

Hmm, probably not the note I wanted to end on. But I’m tired.



One thought on “Trying to get back on track.”

  1. Ah, videogames. The bane of writers everywhere 🙂

    Get back into things after a break is a massive pain, as I’ve said before, but I’m sure you’ll manage it before long. Good getting this story finished!

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