My writing sucks.

I am now about 168 pages into the second draft of Princess of Shadows. I’ve cut perhaps a net three thousand words; the absolute number is probably double that, but I’ve had to add wordage in several spots where it was thin.

I think I have hit the doldrums of the second draft process. For me the downside of the second draft is that it rubs my face in all the wretched aspects of my spontaneous compositions. I’m repetitious, at times overtly maudlin, some of my sentences run on for approximately the same duration as the Thirty Year’s War, and my attempts at conveying my protagonist’s internal emotional state clunk like a badly designed steampunk automaton. How many times can a character have their heart in their throat, or find their stomach in knots? Oh, and did I mention the clichés?

The only thing to do is to keep plugging. My multiple draft process usually produces a less puerile final product in the end. But wading through the horror of my first draft usually cures me of any residual illusions that I have talent. Just persistence.

So, deep breath, hold nose, back to work. Later.


4 thoughts on “My writing sucks.”

    1. You’re probably right, but since this first draft was committed by me and no one else, I have to suppose that it is the worst first draft in the history of science fiction– possibly the worst first draft in the history of Western literature, which is saying a lot, since that includes Edward Bulwer-Lytton and Stephanie Meyer. It’s sort of a reverse hubris thing I do. Just as prideful, but without the warm and fuzzy self-affirmations. 😛


      1. To be absolutely fair, I shouldn’t have picked on Stephanie Meyer– I haven’t actually read her work, so I don’t have a valid position from which to criticize her. I’m just intensely prejudiced against the overwhelming tide of vampire this and vampire that currently flooding the market. Plus, the movies made from her books look really, really stupid.

        On the other hand, I can practically guarantee you’ve heard of Bulwer-Lytton, especially if you’ve ever read “Peanuts”.

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