Draft 2.0

I am about halfway through the second draft of Princess of Shadows. That’s encouraging in one way– I’m averaging 10 – 15 pages a day at this point– and I have corrected some basic problems. But some of the most difficult passages still lie ahead, and there are places in the first half of the novel I need to go back to to remove or add layers and details. There will be a Draft 2.1, and possibly 2.2, before I get to Draft 3.0 (the output from my hard-copy edit, where I expect to make most of my content edits). Draft 4.0 will be what comes out of the input of my beta readers, and I may have to go to 4.1 or 4.2 before this monster is ready for publication. I am hoping for end of August(?) as the publication target date, but that is tentative.

All of this talk of numbering drafts is a bit overblown– it’s not nearly that precise, and certainly not a science– but it’s helping me keep things straight in my head, which is rather like a 386 processor trying to calculate the movement of galaxies over the next ten billion years. A certain amount of overheating must be expected.

Meanwhile, I am still fighting off the temptation of other projects. One additional burden is that Amazon is preparing to accept fan fiction for properties they have signed licensing agreements for. I have never written fan fiction, being usually too busy with my own creations, but if Amazon signs an agreement with Paramount for Star Trek, the temptation to write the series of Star Trek novels I’ve had in the back of my head will become nearly overpowering. I sat down this past week and listed all the novels, including the Divine Lotus series, that I have had on my mind in the last year, and the list ran to 15 or so titles. It’s frustrating– I have only so much time left….

So back to work. Later.


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