An update, and what is that light?

Real quick, before I take my meds and crawl into bed (in a distinct departure from sanity this evening, I walked about 99 blocks home as my daily exercise, with a twenty-pound backpack. I expect I’m going to feel that in the morning). Princess of Shadows is now over 155,000 words, and I have the growing conviction that if I maintain a good pace, I can finish the first draft this coming week. Light, end of tunnel, the standard cliche. I am in the next to last major scene, and a large part of the last major scene is already written.

Even with the draft in hand, I will have weeks of work ahead of me to fix this puppy, but the psychological hump of getting the first draft done has always been the hardest for me to overcome– I have maybe a dozen novels (or more) that I never finished, that died somewhere between beginning and end. If Shadows had been a first novel, it probably would have suffered that fate, as well– the fact that two other novels already exist was a tremendous impetus to keep plugging away. That and the people threatening to hurt me if I didn’t finish the next part of Kathy’s story. I suppose that’s a compliment.



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