The beginning of the end of the middle of the end…or something like that….

Shadows is now over 137,000 words, and I am happy to report that Kathy has finally left the farming village and gone on to Bleak, which I hope will live up to its name. It’s the armpit of the Empire, with starving workers, bloated industrial magnates, haughty overlords and tainted water supplies. A wonderful place.

My production has been ticking upward toward 1000 words or so a day this last week– somehow the idea that I have only about two or three major sequences left is energizing me. It might also be that I’ve gotten past some really tough parts and what’s left feels much more doable. I am hoping that I can finish the draft of Shadows in another month (maybe). I’ll still have weeks and weeks of works after that– the online second draft, the hard-copy red-pen edit (yes, I still do that), and then giving the polished draft to my beta readers. At that rate it will be summer before I publish, but that’s better than where I was three months ago, when I wondered if I would ever finish this thing.



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