A quick update and a request for feedback.

Princess of Shadows is now over 129,000 words, and while what I’m putting down at the moment seems kinda weak, I’m plowing ahead. It’s that or sink.

I spent a couple of minutes this afternoon thinking about the blurb for the novel. With Kindle self-publishing, you write your own blurbs. Frankly, some writers on Kindle (not naming names) cannot write a blurb to save their life. Personally, I try to remember all the back-cover blurbs I ever read while looking through the paperback selection at Target or TG&Y, trying to figure out if this particular book was worth spending my very meager weekly allowance on. To me the best ones always seemed to be short, but enticing, hinting at dangers and adventures without describing too much. In that spirit I’ve dummied up a draft blurb. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Kathy Pennington has fallen into the hands of the mysterious Lord Twilight, who plans to sell her to the highest bidder—whether that is Gehman rebels, dissident Val lords, or sinister foreign agents who plan a painful and terrible end for her. Trapped in Twilight’s fortress, Kathy has only her wits to make good her escape.

But even if she gets away, safety lies across the whole of the Empire, along twisting paths filled with deadly enemies and deep shadows.

Not sure about that last line. Anyway, thanks.


4 thoughts on “A quick update and a request for feedback.”

  1. It might be a little bit short, but I wouldn’t worry about that too much. The first paragraph sets up the story well, and it does sound like something I’d be willing to buy.

    The final line isn’t bad, but could be improved. In particular, “deep shadows” could probably be replaced with something stronger.

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