90,000 words

Last night I reached 90,000 words on Princess of Shadows. I have a sense that the struggle for a draft of this novel is entering its terminal phases, not quite to the mopping-up operations, but I’ve got the bastards on the run. I say this while being fairly sure that I still have about 40,000 words left to write, give or take, with several major sequences either not on paper yet or only in fragments. Think the liberation of Paris, rather the crossing of the Rhine.

So, perhaps, another two months and I will have a draft in hand. After that at least two months to edit and format, and maybe, maybe, a complete novel by April or May. That’s pretty slow, but I’ll feel better about the end-product than if I rushed.

Once I have Princess of Shadows finished, I may take a break to possibly write one of the other novels kicking around in my head– either a space opera, for which there exists an unsold/unproduced TV pilot, or a fantasy novel based on a character that I’ve been carrying around in my head since the summer of 1977. Once I have that off my chest, it would be on to Princess of Fire, and then Princess of Stars.

In the meantime, I am working on a personal webpage through Gutensite, to which I may move this blog. In addition, I will probably be adding my stories to outlets like Smashwords and Nook, now that I am done with Kindle Select. I expect 2013 is going to be very busy for me.


At 82,000 words…again…

I recently told some friends of mine that writing Princess of Shadows has been like taking two steps forward, one step back, one step sideways, spin in place, and repeat (see “the Seattle Crawl” from a previous post).  I am once again at 82,000 words on this novel.  I say “once again”, because I reached 82,000 words several weeks ago, shortly after my last post, and then spent the last month ripping out about 13,000 words that no longer worked, were obsolete, or just didn’t fit anymore. For the first time since I started writing full-length novels I’ve had to begin distinguishing between extant versions of a work in progress– I am currently on version three, and there is no guarantee there won’t be more versions to come.

Having said that, my confidence continues to slowly grow. For the first time I can see how the narrative holds together as a whole, and I think I finally, genuinely have a handle on all of the major characters– and some of them (I hope) are real characters. If I can maintain a good pace, I can probably finish the draft in another three months. That may be a big if, but I can try.

Once again, the link to my Amazon Kindle author’s page–