The turtle trudges on….

A brief note, because I am ‘way tired at the moment– I have made it to 81,000 words with “Princess of Shadows”.  I’d thought I’d be celebrating that milestone, but I don’t seem to have the energy– Kathy is dodging bad guys in a wilderness again, and I seem to be as stuck in the badlands as she is.  There are at least three major sections (maybe four or five) that I need to write for this book, plus connecting passages and stuff to round out or complete previous sections, and that’s all got to happen before I can call this a complete first draft. I think I’ll have to re-title this story “The Never-ending Composition”.

In this instance, I have to wonder if my habit of skipping around the narrative, of writing where it’s easiest and bypassing (temporarily) the difficult parts, is serving me as well as it usually does.  The next 50,000 words will tell the tale.