A quick update….

I’m now at 65,000 words, and I’m feeling better about some of the material I’m getting down. This weekend was a bust, though– between yard work yesterday and a massive headache last night I didn’t get much done.

One of the odd things about my writing process is that I have to spend thirty minutes to an hour doing other things on the computer (like playing Halo, or updating this blog) before I can commit to adding words to my current work in progress. It’s as if I have to make myself sneak up on actually facing the real work. More and more as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that writing is really a fearful thing– I have nudge myself into position to write. The one writing book I actually recommend to people is Ralph Keyes’ “The Courage to Write”, which discussed just that idea, that writing is frightening and the mastery and utilization of that fear can create great prose. It was an concept that profoundly changed how I thought about my writing.

Okay, I think I’ve gotten myself into the right frame of mind. I’m off to put Kathy into more tight situations. Later.


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