Slowly, slowly, slowly….

After nearly a month I’ve finally topped 50,000 words on Princess of Shadows.  I seem to be making progress on this book by doing the Seattle Crawl– two strokes forward, one stroke back, and one sideways.  I wish I could emulate Ray Bradbury (RIP, Ray, I will always treasure your Moby Dick) and consistently do a thousand words a day, but it seems more like 300 on average.

I originally thought 50,000 words would be the halfway point, but as this story has grown more complicated, it feels now like 1/3.  Added to that is the certain knowledge that some of the existing text is obsolete because the story has evolved.  I see a long road ahead.

Today’s writing effort was not helped by the fact that I had to work 6 hours at my job (to help resolve a problem I had no part in creating, ahem) and then, after dinner, replace the kitchen faucet.  Me attempting to use a crescent wrench is a pathetic sight.  I am, quite possibly, the most hand-tool challenged adult male in the Western World.  There was cussing involved, and some weeping, and I’m not sure I got the cold water connection completely tight.  I’ve put a bucket under it for the evening.

Thus my writing goes by fits and starts, interrupted by the necessary distractions of life.