I’ve made it to 40,000 words on Princess of Shadows.  This is a milestone I should have reached weeks ago.  To all the other blocking issues I’ve been having I must add distraction– I’ve found my attention straying to other projects.  I have a series of alternative history stories that I keep wandering back to, thinking they would be comparatively easy to re-edit and publish in a different format– but which would inevitably take major time away from Shadows.  I also have another fantasy novella I’ve been doodling with.

In all honesty, though, I think I am frightened of Shadows.  If I write it the way it needs to be written, I will have to delve deeper into the society of the Val and the world of Jauthur than I did in the first two books, and the little censor/critic in the back of my head keeps whispering that I am not up to it– that my creativity (such as it is) isn’t up to creating a vivid alternative culture. One of my favorite books on writing is Ralph Keyes’ “The Courage to Write”, which talks about how fearful a task writing actually is, and this feels like some of the show-stoppers he talks about.

My pace has picked up this last week, however, and I think I am finessing the fear by writing ahead and getting down some parts that seemed more ready and complete in my head.  I am also reminding myself that its easier to edit a work once the words are actually down.  If they stay stuck in my head they are useless.

At about 500 words a day (a pace still much slower than what I’ve wanted to get to), I should be able to complete a 110,000 word draft in about 140 days, or just shy of 5 months.  Add three months to that for editing and we’re talking January, 2013 for Princess of Shadows to appear on Kindle.  That sounds terribly long, but I want to do this right.  Now I just need to keep my hands off other projects….