Princess of Shadows: I’ve seen snails move faster than this…

In about 10 days I have only made it to about 32,000 words, a pathetic pace. Eleven hour days at work, spring cleaning (when you have a house that was built the year Truman whupped Dewey, house cleaning takes on a whole other dimension), dinners with friends, and a host of other mundane things have conspired to deny me writing time.  I’ve remarked in other forums that to be a successful writer, it sometimes seems that you need to have no life.  It doesn’t help that we’re a one-computer household and my daughter insists on spending significant screen-time watching anime and playing the Sims.  I try hard not to be a demanding father, but sometimes you just have to say that three straight hours of Japanese cartoons is too much by anybody’s standard.

The real  solution, though, may be my own laptop.  Such are my dreams.

In the interim, I am probably going to have to get creative about finding writing time, maybe even (shudder) composing stuff long-hand.  However you cut it, I need to increase my output.

The novel itself continues to be scattered scenes, but I have closed a few, small gaps, and I am getting a better handle on some of the characters.

One problem is that I laid this story down for about nine months to work on other projects, several of which are now or have previously been on Kindle (I’ve unpublished a couple of stories that were not selling), and now I am still trying to re-kindle (no pun intended) the energy to write Shadows.  That should be a lesson for all writers– if the energy is flowing, use it.  Unfortunately I diverted mine to other stories and now it seems I am paying a price.

But no one said writing was easy.  Later.


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