Princess of Shadows Progress report (gotta come up with a better title….)

Now at 29,000 words, which is deceptive, because I’ve taken out almost as much text as I’ve written over the last three days.  Many of my first 26,000 words are obsolete– the concept has evolved since my first start, so I have had to remove several scenes and re-write others.  I am making progress, though, and it looks like I am so far holding steady at about 600 words a day (net).  That would make reaching a hundred thousand words about a 5 month proposition, give or take. I’ve taken longer to create a draft, so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I won’t be discussing details of the plot or the action of Shadows here, in order to avoid spoilers, and because so often I write something and then have to go back and change it.  At some point in the future I will probably upload a version of Princess of Secrets with an except from Princess of Shadows.  This will probably happen when I have a chance to carve out some time to take a pass over the stories to correct those pesky typos my reviewers have mentioned.  Like most indies, I am not a professional copy-editor, and even after five or six edits, people are still finding problems.  Sigh.

I’m getting a small but steady daily number of additional sales on both novels since my last free promotion.  Thanks to everyone who has bought the novels.  If you enjoyed them, please leave a review!  Conversely, if you see a problem or have a question, please leave a comment here.  Any help is appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Princess of Shadows Progress report (gotta come up with a better title….)”

  1. Love your Divine Lotus series, and look forward to reading the next one. Your writing is very descriptive, and takes me right into a whole new, intriguing world- just what is needed after a long day at work.

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