Princess of Shadows- 4/3/2012

Since a number of people have encouraged me to resume my work on the third novel of my Divine Lotus series (i.e. threatened to hurt me severely if I didn’t get back to work), I’ve decided to blog my progress on the draft.  This helped me enormously with my Civil War novella, The Peach Orchard, so I decided to make a periodic blog (probably not every day, though) a part of my writing process this time around.

For anyone just picking up this post cold, my sci-fi novels Princess of Wonders and Princess of Secrets are available on Amazon Kindle–

Here’s a link to my author page–

I will not put in a synopsis of the story thus far, unless there is overwhelming demand.  The book descriptions on each of the pages and the Kindle Look Inside preview function should give people an idea of what the stories are about.  I may find it difficult, though to talk about writing the novel without discussing the plot.

At this point, Princess of Shadows exists as about 26,000 words in vastly disjointed scenes.  I have the overall arch of the book in my head, and many specific incidents, but I was held up for a long time by not being able to figure out how Kathy, the protagonist, makes her initial escape from the bad guys, but I finally had (or was given) what seems like a plausible idea I can work with.  I have also written the very end of the story, which I sometimes do.  My initial task is to start getting some serious numbers of words down and start linking things together.  I think the finished draft will be somewhere in the 125,000 word range, but that is just a guess at this point.

Feedback, thoughts, words of encouragment or warning are all welcome.  My process for writing my stories has always been intensely private before.  It will be interesting for me to see what doing it public is like.

And BTW, The Peach Orchard is going to be free on Kindle, April 4th through 8th–


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