Well, here I am….

Staring at this blank box, wondering if anyone would care about anything I write.  Considering I want to have people read my fiction, it’s, admittedly, an odd way to feel about things.  No doubt this is the consequence of decades of the universe grinding my face into the fact that it does not revolve around me.  If there is a life-lesson I have learned, and learned thoroughly, it’s that one.

Besides, if I am going to spend time writing, shouldn’t it be creating more fiction to publish for people to buy?  That’s one reason why I have resisted blogging for so long.  But I am currently in a bit of a slump, anyway, so I figured, what the heck.  It’s this or waste time playing Halo or WoW.

So here begins my probably obscure career as a blogger.  Everybody on the Amazon boards have been saying that, in addition to all the social media self-promotion, you need a blog. So I’ve got a blog.  I will try to post occasionally and try to find interesting things to say, but I don’t want anyone to pass out holding their breath.  Most of whatever I have to say, I’m pretty sure I put into my fiction, but I will give this a try.

Oh, here are my links (haven’t found if there’s a permanent place to put them)–

Princess of Wonders (novel)


The Corn Husk Doll (fantasy novella)


The Deep Run (alternate history novella)


Diggers (fantasy short story)


Recessional (sci-fi short story of the near future)


God bless, stay dry, take care of each other.